Terms and Conditions

If you have a great business concept, a strong management team, and you’re working in one of our focus areas, we’d like to receive your executive summary and/or business plan.

To help ensure our ability to effectively review your proposal, we ask that you submit an accurate and complete proposal.  Partial proposals are OK for Creatives and Bootstrapped Applicants. A complete proposal includes the following:

  • business plan
  • relevant budget, financial projections, #s
  • list of corporate officers, directors, and investors
  • key members of the team


Please note that due to the large volume of submissions and the involvement of our Strategic partners in the review and development of new businesses, we do not sign nondisclosure or confidentiality agreements in connection with submissions of proposals. You should only include information which you deem to be non-confidential. By submitting information to CrowdCampuses, you agree to the foregoing terms, and our terms of use. In appropriate circumstances, we will sign a reasonable non-disclosure agreement when we reach a point of mutual interest in moving forward and after clients have paid for a Training Package.

Once we receive a proposal, we do a preliminary review. If we believe your business plans meet our incubator criteria, we assign our Vetting Team to review your company. If we believe there may be a potential match between your company and our incubator program, we will request a meeting with your company.

Although we receive a high volume of proposals, we are committed to responding to all paid inquiries from project owners who purchase a Training Package from CrowdCampuses within 3-4 business days of receiving payment. CrowdCampuses is a small micro-finance business consulting firm and incubator with limited capital and management bandwidth. As such, we must be very selective regarding our projects and can only allocate time for paid inquiries. In short, if you are serious about crowdfunding and raising capital through our incubator system, we encourage you to purchase a Training Package with your submission. There are no refunds on any products or packages.