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Founder and CEO of coPhilly and CrowdCampuses. Developer and supporter of open source business and technology models that improve Career, Education, and Capital Formation opportunities for Creatives, Students, Startups, and Small-Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs).

Ask the Experts – Ryan Caldbeck, CEO, CircleUp

CrowdCampuses: What is the target audience for CircleUp?  Are there certain requirements the business must meet in order to raise funds with CircleUp (ex: proof of concept, annual revenue benchmarks, etc.), or will you work with people who simply have an idea as well?
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Ask the Experts – Danae Ringelmann – Founder and COO of Indiegogo

As one of the most well known crowdfunding platforms available, Indiegogo has been helping people successfully raise funds for their ideas for quite some time. Danae Ringelmann, Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Indiegogo, took some time to give Crowdfunding Campuses her thoughts on crowdfunding and how important it is to higher education.
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