How It Works

1. Entrepreneurs, Startups, and SMBs

We provide entrepreneurs and small business owners with access to startup capital, digital media and crowdfunding consulting services, and an army of Student Ambassadors (interns) through a 10-week crowdfunding accelerator program. Unlike traditional accelerators, we crowdsource the Business Development and Capital Formation processes in order to make the path to financial success less risky and more collaborative. Apply here if you are a business owner or entrepreneur seeking $10K – $1M in startup or growth funding.

2. Student Ambassadors and Universities

coPhilly Student Ambassador Program Student Ambassadors spend 10-weeks working in a credited internship with coPhilly  portfolio companies that are in the process of raising capital and scaling their businesses.  Through the Ambassador Program, students experience entrepreneurship from three unique perspectives: the business owner, the investor, and the employee.  Students are mentored by experienced executives and successful investors throughout the course of the Ambassador program. We exclusively partner with collaborative universities that pre-approve the  Ambassador Program as a 3-credit internship.

3. Investors, Sponsors, and Stakeholders

We identify and engage  investors, donors, and sponsors who contribute time, pro bono services, and early-stage capital to help support early-stage businesses. Investors and listed service providers receive vetted clientele and the potential to share in the earliest stages of success with dozens of scaling businesses. coPhilly portfolio companies validate themselves in the low-risk crowdfunding space while being carefully vetted by a private group of Accelerators, Angel Investors, and Venture Capital firms seeking qualified deal flow. Check out the coPhilly Sponsors Package.