CrowdCampuses implements training programs for registered nonprofits that are in need of customized crowdfunding strategies. Nonprofits looking to successfully execute an online fundraising campaign are choosing the crowdfunding industry’s leading accelerator curriculum, coPhilly, to receive comprehensive training.  CrowdCampuses is the only organization training nonprofit organizations on best practices of the crowdfunding industry, including:

  • The changing legal landscape as it pertains to donation-based crowdfunding
  • New financial implications for businesses that raise capital using crowdfunding platforms and how it affects future capital formation opportunities
  • Due diligence in financial reporting as it pertains to various crowdfunding platforms (donation, rewards, lending, equity)
  • Converting social capital into revenue using hyper-local cross-polinating approaches
  • Messaging, branding, and content as it pertains to constituent engagement
  • The need for transparency within the nonprofit and with constituents as it pertains to crowdfunding processes and fundraising strategies

Specific topics covered are based on the type of nonprofit we are dealing with.  Please register with us to receive a free phone consultation or sign up for our newsletter to learn more.