Never before has entrepreneurship been as affordable and access to alternative capital resources as readily available as today. While traditional lending institutions remain stringent in financing the small business sector, the growing availability of micro-finance mechanisms and group-funding platforms continues to explode in the form of P2P/P2B (peer to peer; peer to business) lending websites and online crowdfunding portals.

Our team works with entrepreneurs to:

  • Validate their business model and pricing strategy
  • Determine the type of crowdfunding portal that is most appropriate for your campaign and business plan (donation, rewards, P2P/P2B, equity)
  • Help craft a distinguishable Executive Summary and an affective Elevator Pitch
  • Create a strategy for setting the proper funding goals in order to raise $10K – $1M in startup capital
  • Provide access to student interns for R&D, business planning,  and campaign development assistance
  • Provide relevant digital media consulting and resources required to create an effective crowdfunding pitch video
  • Provide access to a network of potential co-founders, business partners, and employees
  • Provide access to a network of proven investors, advisors, and mentors


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