We  believe student capital is one of the greatest untapped resources in the world and college students have the potential to “champion” the Crowdfunding Industry.  

Internship Opportunities: CrowdCampuses provides a number of co-curricular and continued education internship programs for undergraduates and graduates or varying majors and backgrounds.

Start Your Own Business: With declining job opportunities and a lack of upward mobility, student entrepreneurship is an increasingly popular career path. CrowdCampuses guides students through the “idea” phase and into the “development” and “funding” stages.

Student Organizations, Teams, & Clubs: If you are a member of a Greek organization, sports team, band, student government, academic club, or social group, please Contact Us to learn how crowdfunding can help your organization raise money and attract fans, supporters, and members.

Job Opportunities: Our roles are perfect for entrepreneurs & students who are looking to learn the ins and outs of working with a startup. We work with the most innovative companies in Philly and can help you no matter which industry you’re interested in.