University Services


Career Counseling and Professional Development: There is tremendous pressure for career counselors to deliver relevant and unique career advancement programs. CrowdCampuses provides a number of co-curricular and continued education programs for undergraduates, graduates, alumni, and local community members which are rapidly being adopted by Career Services offices across the country.

Alumni and Development Offices: With declining donor bases and increasing costs of operating, A&D offices are desperate to seek alternative funding sources. CrowdCampuses provides free access to funding portals and strategies created specifically for collegiate A&D offices.

Faculty or Staff : CrowdCampuses customizes curricular solutions for faculty members interested in teaching about crowdfunding or crowdsourcing in their existing course. Ideal for business, creative and performing arts classes.

Technology Transfer Offices: Technology Commercialization is a crucial component of the crowdfunding ecosystem. Learn how tech transfer offices around the country are implementing CrowdCampuses programming to increase deal flow.