coPhilly Accelerator

cophilly_logohighres coPhilly is a crowdfunding accelerator program organized by Philadelphia firms CrowdCampuses, Media BureauOffit Kurman, and Shechtman Marks Devor PC. coPhilly accepts  startups, nonprofits, creatives, makers and small business owners seeking $10K – $1M in seed or growth capital into 10-week programs that culminate with Demo Weekend. coPhilly specializes in connecting vetted entrepreneurs with qualified Angel Investors, Student Ambassadors, and The Crowd.

Student Ambassadors

DSC06483The Ambassador Program is a credited cross-disciplinary entrepreneurship internship. Through the 10-week program, students work to develop a sound business plan and a marketable crowdfunding campaign for local startups, entrepreneurs, nonprofits, and small business owners who are in the process of raising capital. Ambassadors experience entrepreneurship from three unique perspectives: The Investor, The Business Owner, and The Employee.

Colleges and Universities

DSC06252CrowdCampuses develops crowdfunding and crowdsourcing strategies for Faculty Curriculum, Career Services, Alumni and Development, and Technology Transfer offices. We partner with academic institutions that recognize the need for entrepreneurial programs which are cross disciplinary and economically impactful beyond the classroom. We are working to reverse the Brain Drain by bridging the gap between institutions of higher education and Main Street.

Partners and Sponsors

formfunction_cophillyschools CrowdCampuses strategically partners with organizations that work to reduce the Funding Gap and reverse the Brain Drain in an effort to strengthen Main Street. We provide our partners and sponsors with vetted business referrals through various engagement strategies including digital-media campaigns, co-branded training content, listings in our e-commerce store, website advertisements, and offline business development workshops.

Resources and Events

DSC06182 We provide a plethora of original white papers, research studies, blog posts, and video tutorials – almost all of which are free.  We are also proud to repost only the highest quality content from leading industry players in order to highlight the tremendous progress being made in the academic, micro-finance, and crowdsourcing spaces. Check the calendar for workshops and events or contact us to contribute original content to our Resource Library.